professional vices

At the beginning of 2020, we gained the opportunity to maintain the tradition of regional production of high-quality KASPER workshop vices by buying the entire program, moving it from Šumperk to us in Velké Losiny, and starting everything again.

Jaw width

100 – 150 mm


Gray cast iron

Max. jaw span

120 – 210 mm

Advantages of vices

KASPER professional workshop vices are made of gray cast iron. The fixed and movable parts are linearly mounted relative to each other, which ensures precise and firm guidance. The vices are equipped with hardened jaws and a large anvil.

Robust construction

Easy handling and control

Long life


The KASPER professional workshop vice is used to clamp objects between the jaws of the front and rear part. Clamping or opening is done by turning the spindle. The rear part slides in – clockwise, the rear part slides out – counterclockwise.

  1. Bottom part
  2. Upper part
  3. Vise tube
  4. Hedging segment
  5. Interchangeable jaws
  6. Jaw screw
  7. Vise screw
  8. Hexagon socket countersunk head screw
  9. Hexagon socket set screw with dowel
  10. Hexagon nut
  11. Big anvil
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Types of KASPER vices

We produce vices in sizes 100 – 150

(according to the width of the jaws)

Jaw width (mm)
Max. jaw span (mm)
External dimensions L x W x H (mm)
Weight (kg)
333 x 100 x 145
290,- EUR *
Ask for a product
395 x 125 x 170
338,- EUR *
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430 x 135 x 175
393,- EUR *
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510 x 150 x 195
464,- EUR *
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* Prices are without VAT and shipping

History of KASPER vices

The history of professional KASPER vices dates back to the beginning of the 1930s, when the company ROMO Jakubčovice was founded by the Kasper brothers and whose locksmith production and especially the production of KASPER vices became known all over the world.

After World War II, the company passed into national administration, where it remained until 1948, when the company was taken over by the company “TOS” Lipník-machine tool factory.

From there, in 1992, the production of vices reached the Šumperk company JESAN KOVO, s.r.o., which owned the production of these vices until 2020.

In 2020, the production of professional KASPER vices moved under the auspices of the engineering company KUBÍČEK VHS, s.r.o. in Velké Losiny.

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